Wednesday, August 17, 2016

OneNote Reflection

I was a little disappointed upon my first exploration of OneNote. I downloaded the app onto my iPad and did not find that it was user friendly. I had several technical difficulties that required me to quit and reopen the app as I was attempting to insert an image into my page. Additionally, I performed one task on my iPad that involved writing in counts underneath a vocal line, which did not transfer accurately when I opened the document on my computer. Although the counts appeared accurate on my iPad (even when using the zoom function), they shifted location when opened on my laptop.

Screenshot from my iPad:


Same document, opened on my computer:

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.25.20 PM.png

This flaw would make me reconsider using the drawing feature within assignments with my classes.

That being said, there are clearly some benefits of using OneNote in the classroom. Most significant is the ability to include multimedia (sound recordings, videos, photos, text) in the same document in replace of traditional worksheets for students. I could see this being useful, especially for homework assignments for music classes.

Overall, I think that the general interface was difficult for me to adapt to, most likely because I am primarily a Mac and GoogleDocs user. We have been introduced to so many wonderful new technologies throughout this course. The next step is deciding which we could best implement in our own classrooms. I personally feel that GoogleDrive, GoogleForms, and GoogleClassroom will accomplish the same things as OneNote, especially since I didn’t find the drawing feature reliable. Since I am already familiar with these resources, I think I will pass on implementing OneNote.

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